Intercultural learning specialists

Reconnecting the common heritage of humanity. Bringing together; family, school, businesses and communities


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We are a community interest company which has evolved through the education, knowledge and experiences of youth guidance, community and race equality work.

We believe that by creating opportunities to remove the barriers that exist through lack of understanding and replacing them with a more positive attitude to inclusion, inherent racism, traditional rivalries, even vendettas may be forgotten.

We have a wealth of experience, working with communities, and troubled families, across Suffolk and Norfolk. Through this we recognise the need to adapt programme and delivery according to location and neighbourhood profile.

Our Aim

Is too broaden understanding of diversity, race, culture and ethnicity, by reaching and reconnecting communities. We believe that by creating opportunities to break down barriers, educate and celebrate differences, it will foster tolerance, acceptance and sustain healthy interpersonal relations, divisive theories and ideologies will submerge.

We design and deliver intercultural programmes to enable schools, communities and businesses to become culturally competent and workshops to highlight and combat the effects of bullying and racism.

The way we work

We empower people to have a voice by reaching marginalised communities and work in Partnership with other voluntary and community groups to support and sustain the changes we have created.

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