Other schools/Youth Groups who have benefited from our programmes

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Other schools/Youth Groups who have benefited from our programmes


Lureat School

– Newmarket – Effects of Racism and Bullying

Debenham High

– Words Sounds Power

Weeting Primary

– Inset Training for staff, Words Sounds Power, Effects of Racism & Bullying

Gt Hockham

– Pandora’s Box

Mildenhall College Academy

– Summer School “Ashanti”

The Meet Up Café (Benjamin Foundation)


Community events and workshops:



Heritage day – Drumming for Unity

Norfolk Black History Month

Thetford, Ancient House Museum -Celebrating the Life of Dr Minns

Charles Burrell Centre -Drumming for Unity

Tribute to Bob Marley a Community Celebration

Democracy Week

Norfolk County Council – Your Vote Counts

Brandon Day Care Centre

Pandora’s Box and Reminiscence Workshops



Testimonies from young people

I was able, with the support and encouragement of Jo and Mark, to mentor 30+ students in a Suffolk Middle School and to work with teaching staff to assess the needs of their students using my Polish language skills, as a means to inform their practices. This was a wonderful experience and fantastic opportunity which has inspired me to further develop my career and own aspirations.”

Daniel Rutowski

“Working with Jo and Mark has been such a wonderful experience. From working with them I have learnt a lot including accepting and having confidence in myself. I remember In particular when we wrote a song about diversity and equality, this experience helped my artistically and also socially, jo and Mark, brought some youths along and during this song writing process we were able to bond and know each other very well. Working with so many youths helped me to be able to learn more about their cultures and their backgrounds.

I was very intrigued with Jo and Mark because they aim to help young people to be more involved in their communities and also learn new skills.”                       

Frances Chazama-Saunders


Hi, my name is Flo, working with Jo, Mark and the whole of Generation Roots Crew has helped me tremendously. It has made me embrace my ‘background’/ cultural identity; it has been AMAZING meeting and interacting with people from all sorts of different backgrounds and finding a common ground, and just learning off each other. And actually discussing racism, as it seems to be a word people shy away from. During the Generation Roots project, The DVD that was produced, it was the point at which I realised that, there is lot of people out there in similar position as myself, and who have similar ideas and it only takes getting to know people to realise this, to conclude Jo and her Team are AMAZING. And I really hope the impact they have on young people continues as we all need role models and they fit the bill.”                                                     

Florence Chazana-Saunders

Testimonies from the older generation

“We In days of old, we disadvantage citizens kept our unease or disquiet, neglect and suffering to ourselves. We struggled through our minority problems and told the young to keep to their places, speak when spoken to and obey the rules of house, church and state.”

“We activated freedom through, struggles, demonstrations and legal battles. Legislation has made some differences, but programmed the same disadvantages to a more subtle, harmful and demoralising offence, difference.”

“We the seniors are proud that today’s youth, through the study of our routes, and struggles have ignored our errors of not involving them, but have enlisted our involvement for their struggles to freedom for all, in thoughts, words and deeds!”                                   

Simon (Senior Citizen)

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