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We currently have 10 learning programmes available, but following an assessment of need can offer bespoke packages in line with your curriculum and individual requirements

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The workshop includes, an exercise based on Jane Elliot’s, “A Class Divided” and a series of monologues featuring a young boy who has been the victim of racism and bullying. It focuses on the boy at different points in his life and will show the psychological damage which can be caused by racism, prejudice and bullying. There will be the opportunity to hot seat the character and have an open discussion. The session concludes with the Next 5 Years workshop. Students are supported to develop their own pieces to demonstrate their ideas of what happens to the boy 5 years on.

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This activity will build empathy and look at certain attitudes andcharacters within our own and fictitious realities. It will provide a much needed opportunity to take a critical look at roles and attitudes, setting a precedent for future dialogue to offset the current trend of racist incidents in early year’s education.

*Early years







A holistic learning experience without artificial boundaries is an important part of a child’s development. Pupils will be asked to collect artefacts from family members, which will spark dialogue between the younger and older generation, enabling them to find out more about their heritage, culture and identity, discovering their own “within arms reach heroes”.

“We are here because of those who came before us”

*Early years

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People Against Racism 1 day conference. Young people given the opportunity to Participate in interactive workshops. The event will host a carousel of activities through a variety of mediums to stimulate and provoke discussion around media images, Language (Blinguish), drama and performing arts. Young people will make recommendations to the school around; bullying, harassment and equalities in general.

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This is an amazing opportunity for young people to develop their creative writing skills. It is a thought provoking and fun concept, inspired by street-smart intellectualism, finishing with an X Factor style showcase event and publicised poetry book.







The students will be exposed to the true life journeys of people’s migration to Suffolk and given the opportunity to “hot seat” the story tellers about their experiences. There will also be an opportunity to join a developing drama group, who will be touring schools, colleges and in the community performing monologues and sketches around racism and bullying.

“Keep me from ever judging a man, until I have walked a mile in his moccasins”   Old Sioux prayer

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Youth led new media project exploring race, heritage, culture and sense of belonging. Recruitment of a team of young people to become “Unity Ambassadors” Training in all equality issues, development of communication skills Recording journeys of people’s migration to local area Organisation of a local community event showcasing film and the facilitation of “Passing the Baton” ceremony Feed back to inform local community and school policies.

“God give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that can be changed and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other”    Reinhold

12-18 week programme

Transition-01  Attainment and attendance of pupils can be affected by issues faced outside of school. To help young people to work through these issues, we offer one to one support.



Working simultaneously with young people, parents and carers. Pupils are given the opportunity to communicate, learn and some times challenge their parents within a safe environment.

(six week programme)

“It takes a whole village to bring up a child”  African proverb







Young people are given the opportunity to critically explore issues around; citizenship, racism, culture, identity, power and stereo typing, through a variety of interactive mediums enabling them to assess and make informed positive choices . They will be encouraged to volunteer some time in their local community.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters. Compared to what lies within us” Emerson


Rethinking teacher education pedagogy, becoming culturally responsive. We recognise the benefits of teachers participating in our unique and challenging cultural awareness programmes. We use critical race theory as a starting point to inform a cultural pedagogy conducive to the school environment. Our aim is to explore structural and societal barriers that affect aspiration and learning then put measures in place to offset any potential inequality.

The Unity Model  featured below, can be utilised to work towards the outcomes required by Ofsted for spiritual, moral and cultural development, International Schools Award and Raising the Bar

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