generation rootz project







Generation Rootz Project

(260 students participated in Total)
“We began with a group of 15 year 9 students who have difficulties accessing the mainstream curriculum and therefore have a different timetable from the mainstream Year. Jo Wilson expertly worked with this Access class and their staff as Ambassadors for Unity in Diversity.” TGS

Commissioned by ISCRE, in partnership with Thomas Gainsborough school, Year 9 Access students. A peer led approach to anti-racism. Intergenerational project; workshops, educational visits, sessions and discussions exploring, identity, culture, race and equality. Recording stories of BME people in the local community. capturing their thoughts, feelings and experiences. Utilising communication and new media skills. Learning about the past to inform the future.

ESP Project

A joint research project Unity and the Learning Improvement Service to look at schools’ success in delivering on Equalities through the perceptions of pupils.

Other Workshops delivered

  • Pandora’s Box
  • Word Sounds Power
  • Effects of Bullying & Racism


“The project became a catalyst for the successful teamwork of this group and their integration into the Year 9 as a whole. It was evident from the final film product that students had developed empathy with the adults they interviewed. Their interview skills were astounding. An astounding success and a wonderful example of partnership under Jo Wilson’s expert guidance and close sympathetic relationship.”
Tracey Welsh – Thomas Gainsborough School

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