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Unity Joint Schools Project – Barnham & Elveden

The project was centred on local history; the life and times of Duleep Singh, the last Maharaja of the Punjab. It included the story of his family, Sikh religion and links to Elveden. We worked in partnership with; schools, the Ancient House Museum, Jaya Dane, Suffolk Interfaith Resource and the Elveden Estate. The pupils achieved an Arts Discover Award for their participation. Unity was presented with a Working Together Award from Suffolk Community Foundation.


“The project impacted on the children and families greatly. They have become more open minded about other cultures and religions. They also thoroughly enjoyed learning about Duleep Singh as he was from the local area.   I have been told by some families that the children went home and wanted to learn even more as well as sharing what they have learnt with their wider families. The children really enjoyed learning about Sikhism and have now shown a greater enthusiasm to learn even more about other religions. Thank you for the experience!”

Suzan Shepperson – Barnham Primary School

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